Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fusion Bath Refinishing, Fusion Refinishing Technology

Fusion Bathtub Refinishing uses Fusion Refinishing Technology, Fusion refinishing Technolgy is the advanced Fusion Refinishing Bonding Process for Nano Technology the future of Bathtub Refinishing is here Fusion Refinishing by Fusion-Refinishing,Inc. Reach Dallas Fusion Refinishing at 469-338-9620. Ft. Worth Fusion Refinishing at (469)338-9620.
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Fusion Refinishing
Fusion Refinishing Technology is based on sound science and uses Nano Technology. Fusion Refinishing is much more than a Fusion Bathtub Refinishing Company. Fusion Refinishing is a leader in the Refinishing market. Fusion Refinishing is the ability to chemically weld or Fuse a New surface into not simply onto another surface. A step up from Bathtub Refinishing Is Fusion Bathtub Refinishing. Up from that is Bathtub Replacement.
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Fusion Refinishing uses a balance of old school techniques such as etching the surface. However, at Fusion Refinishing we no longer use dangerous Acids that are so powerful they can eat porcelain away. Just imagine what they can do to the human body. These acids are outdated technology we have machines that etch consistent where the acid technique was a hit and miss operation. However, we must crawl before we can walk not only in life but in business too! If it were not for the pioneers who used the acid technique we would not have known how well etched surfaces accepted and locked onto the coatings.
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Fusion Refinishing takes refinishing to the next level by using Nano Technology. This is a Primer that Fusion Refinishing uses and it chemically welds the New surface to the old surface on a molecular level. We call if Fusion Molecular Refinishing and it will change the way Refinishing is completed in the future.
At Fusion Refinishing we are often asked what surfaces can be refinished with the Fusion Refinishing Technology.
We offer: Fusion Porcelain Refinishing ; Fusion Acrylic Refinishing ; Fusion Fiberglass Refinishing ; Fusion Cultured Marble Refinishing ; Fusion Vanity Refinishing ; Fusion Formica Refinishing.